"When I was looking for a resume writer, I wanted to be sure I found someone who was well versed in my industry - and had the capacity to understand exactly what I was looking for in a timely manner. Allison hit all of the marks. To build credibility, she offered a free consultation over the phone so I could understand her process and knowledge. She quickly built rapport with me and I hired her. The process to update my review was much quicker than I expected - she had my first draft right on time. She used my current resume, job descriptions, and comments/recommendations from previous clients to build a well-written, thoughtful, and impressive resume for me. She shocked me with how well she made me sound - and she's right - my experience led to that, it was a matter of positioning and the right wording. I highly recommend hiring Allison and suggest that you don't even bother searching around. Thanks Allison for the great work!"


Sarah P 

Emphasize Results

​Be clear and use specific examples of actions, results, and strengths. 

Make it beautiful

Content always is the most important, but a visually appealing resume can make a big difference.

Be Targeted 

Customize your resume so that it is directly applicable to the job posting.

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A resume and cover letter are self-marketing tools that communicate your personal and professional value proposition.  A high-powered resume balances strong content with a modern design in order to maximize your marketability.   


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